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modifying behaviour 

Helping dogs and their humans to live happier lives together

This one's for the dogs who struggle with fear and anxiety, bubbling over in the form of aggression. It's for the exhausted owners who are at a loss with why their dog is behaving this way... who feel like they have tried everything but nothing works. The journey you go through with your dog is unique but that doesn't mean that you have to go through it alone.

Designed to help resolve behaviour issues including:


Noise phobia

Separation Anxiety

Aggression to visitors

Inability to settle

Thunderstorm phobia

Fireworks phobia

Aggression during vet visits

Resource aggression

Excessive barking

Cat chasing

In all cases, training can be taken as a proactive measure to prevent the development of behaviour issues. This is especially advised when applying to a new arrival whether that's a baby, new dog, cat or other pet.


Heulwen is a great trainer! Highly recommend zoom sessions, we weren't keen - but it worked great.
Kyle and Munro

Behaviour support
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"Based on current scientific evidence, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recommends that only reward-based training methods are used for all dog training, including the treatment of behaviour problems."

Ready to get started?

The first step is completing a behavioural questionnaire

Ready to get started
Rehabilitating Reactivity


It can be endlessly frustrating to own a dog who barks, growls and lunges at other dogs and people when out on walks. This behaviour can feel embarrassing and can turn walks that you once looked forward to into the most dreaded chore.

Reactivity is dangerous but we understand that your dog isn't a bad dog, let's help the world see the wonderful dog who you know so well in the home, who sleeps by your feet and takes their snacks oh so gently.

We CAN help your dog to be relaxed, calm and happy out on walks.

Let's make a start in transforming those walks from chaotic to calm.

Separation Anxiety

Struggling with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a true panic disorder, hidden in your dog's genetics, not brought on by you letting them sleep in your bed.

It can feel hopeless when well meaning family members tell you to just let them 'cry it out' not realising the extent of your dog's distress. You may face judgement from other owners at the dog park who are shocked that you haven't left your dog alone yet and face friends who are fed up of you not joining in on social gatherings *yet again* because you can't leave Fido at home. 

Separation Anxiety alienates you from the hobbies you once enjoyed, maybe even leaving you feeling resentful towards your dog for being so difficult.

Let us help you transform your dog into a relaxed, calm individual who is comfortable in their own skin and on their own. Go back to enjoying getting out and about without a nagging gut.

"We came to Hal to help us with our noise reactive rescue dog Norman. She gave us some great tips and tricks on how to calm him down and how to keep him less stressed, helping not only us but him too.

I would highly recommend her."


Claire & Norman

Fear Free
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