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Heulwen Jenkins (Hal) is the founder of All In Dog Training Ltd. She is a fully qualified trainer (with distinction) through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and has gained extensive experience and expertise from a wide range of global organisations, all dedicated to positive reinforcement training grounded in science and ethical dog welfare. Hal is currently furthering her knowledge by studying a Masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour remotely through the University of Edinburgh.

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Lacey was my first 'own' dog. She was an Irish Setter who loved nothing better than running free in the Sussex South Downs while I biked alongside her. She pushed me to discover the world of clicker training and she was accomplished in Scent Work and Tracking. She taught me about the need for cooperative care and the importance of consent in dog welfare. Sadly, just after her second birthday she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphoma. With the help of the local Brighton community and her friends on Instagram, we crowd funded £5k and she was able to have chemotherapy (her full treatment exceeded £15k). I moved with her to Brecon where she was able to live out her best days in the Brecon Beacons national park. 

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Lilly was my family dog, a tiny terrier mix, who passed away in her senior years after an exciting life, moving with us from Australia to Hong Kong and between different countries in Europe. Despite buying her at eight weeks old and doing everything we thought was right, she grew up to be a dog who barked, lunged and bit at any dog she saw. We believed this was just her 'personality' and joked about how she thought she was a rottweiler, not realising that we had failed to socialise her appropriately, causing her this lifetime of distress. She is why I am passionate about educating owners on canine body language, breeding and socialisation as well as reducing nervousness and fearful behaviour in the established behaviour of adult dogs.



  • BSc Zoology, University of Sussex

  • MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour, University of Edinburgh, (studying)

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Member with Distinction

  • Puppy Start Right Instructor, Karen Pryor Academy

  • OCN Level 3 Principals of Animal Behaviour

  • UKCSD Scent Instructor

  • UKCSD Specialist Animal Tracking Phase One

  • UKCSD Tracking Instructor

  • Certified Canine Body Language Instructor

  • Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care

  • Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor Level 1

Courses Attended


- 6 Day Advanced Training and Behaviour

- 4 Day Practical Instructor

- Behaviour Case Studies One

- Behaviour Case Studies Two
- Noise Sensitivities and Phobias

- Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours

- Separation Anxiety

- Resource Guarding

- The Consultation and Followup

- Career as a Dog Trainer

- Perfect Puppy Foundations

- Happy Recallers

- Loose Leaders

- Funk Up Your Classes

- Canine Body Language

- Empowered Dogs Cooperative Animal Husbandry
​- Trainer's Toolbox
- Shape Me Up
- The Problem Solving Guide To Your Pets Behaviour
- Hold Me Tight
- Shaping Canine Fitness
- Nosework Stage 2

- In Chains Backchaining from A-Z

- Masters of Odour

- Targeting Targets

Karen Pryor Clicker Training Academy
- Clicker Expo 2021
- Clicker Expo 2020

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
- Shaping a Flashy and Confident Heel
- Team Sports Foundation Level One
- Puppy Power Building Confidence and Optimism
- Behaviour Intervention Techniques
- It Was So Nice To Meet You: Building Calm Greetings for Dogs and People
- Next Level Training, Advancing Distractions
- Relationship Building Through Play

Malena DeMartini
- Mission Possible, Separation Anxiety for Pet Dog Owners

Separation Anxiety Dog

- Separation Anxiety Shadowing Programme