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The decisions you make, the activities you do and the places you go in the first few weeks of owning a puppy shape their entire future and personality. We want to help give your puppy the very best start in life, and support you with any troubles you may already be experiencing.

✓ Raise a sociable and friendly puppy who you can feel proud of in the home and out on walks instead of embarrassed or ashamed by a dog who barks, growls or lunges

✓Build a relationship based on trust and communication rather than fear and intimidation

✓ Savour time with your puppy rather than feeling frustrated and deflated, counting down the days until he grows up


"Without Hal's help things might have turned out very differently"

"Our girl Chica is a settled, confident and happy 5 month old chihuahua pup and such a lot of this is down to the sessions we had with Hal when she first came to us at 9 weeks. Hal helped us immensely, teaching us how to understand Chica's behaviour so we could help her calm down and settle. She's been a little live wire from the outset and I think without Hal's help things might have turned out very differently. Hal was kind, clear and always had Chica's interests at heart. I'm so touched that she's kept her in mind since by recommending potential puppy play mates."

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