Use ethical, effective methods to teach new behaviour

Packages are comprised of two 60 minute sessions, choose from Zoom, In Person or a combination of both.


These sessions are suitable for *pretty much anything* and are ideal for teaching a new skill in a low distraction environment. 


Examples of skills:

- Settle

- Recall

- Sit / Down / Stay / Trick Training

- Owner focus and engagement


These sessions are suitable for advice e.g. excessive barking, house soiling, checking over an owner's training plan.


These sessions are not suitable for resolving behaviour issues such as separation anxiety, aggression, and noise sensitivity etc.


Please prepare a training area (e.g. lounge / kitchen) with a laptop set up at one side.


Please prepare lots of small, meaty treats.


Recordings are available following your session.


Outdoor training sessions are held in Woodingdean, Brighton UK. Current legislation means training still cannot take place in private dwellings.


Sessions are suitable to work on

- Recall

- Loose Lead Walking

- Drop / Leave It

- Focus around distractions

- Advancing skills that have already been trained in the home. 


These sessions are *not* suitable for dogs with aggression / fear issues around humans or other dogs. 


Please bring lots of small, meaty treats.


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Training and Behaviour credentials

Using evidence-based, positive reinforcement methods to achieve training and behaviour modification goals.
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