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Our dog is 3 years old, happy, enthusiastic and friendly. However, walking him to the park was a nightmare as he'd pull incessantly and bark when he was there as he'd be too excited.


Hal explained why this was happening, and that the way we were playing "fetch" was causing him to turn into a hyper-focused dog, unable to relax, and causing him to be stressed. We thought our dog was loving it as he seemed really happy. Hal explained that, yes, he loves fetch, but too much was overstimulating him, making it impossible for him to relax. She explained it was like giving a toddler an ipad in a restaurant every time you go, and then wondering why they got overstimulated and then upset when you took it away! Hal gave us a couple of simple tips to break this cycle, and it had an immediate impact -- his first walk in the park was different, and he spent a lot more time doing happy dog stuff.


Since then, we've been far more in tune with him and can see when he's starting to get over-excited, and know exactly what to do help him understand how to be calmer.


Hal was incredibly patient and understanding. She gave us games our dog loves to play, that automatically teach him the behaviour we want, but in a way that means he wants to do it. We've found that each session with Hal has built upon the last, giving us as owners more confidence, and building an even deeper rapport with our dog. He's always been a great, friendly dog and now he's a great, friendly, confident, and relaxed dog.


I can't recommend Hal enough. She'll help you create a deep bond with your dog that will transform behaviour and last a lifetime.

- Gareth and Fang

We came to Hal, to help us with our noise reactive rescue dog Norman. she gave us some great tips and trips on how to calm him down and how to keep him less stressed. helping not only us but him too. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Hal.

My Great Dane Kobe and I have had 3 zoom training sessions with Hal regarding his behaviour around a new baby in the family. In just 3 weeks there has been a huge improvement and I have some great tools moving forward to continue this positive training on my own! Thank you so much Hal I won't hesitate to come back should I need you!

We came to Hal for some help with our new cockerpoo puppy as we felt a bit overwhelmed with all the different advice out there and she has helped us enormously. We both have more confidence in training and understanding dog body language and Barkley is picking it up so well. The sessions were done over Zoom which I think helped us because Barkley was less distracted and able to focus more. Would really recommend Hal!

Heulwen has been incredible with our cocker spaniel puppy. From the moment we knew we were getting a puppy, Hal’s sessions helped us with all of our concerns and worries. 4 months on, and we still rely on her teachings and advice. We couldn’t have done it without her. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone!

We stared sessions with Hal when our Golden was 12 weeks. She explains everything really well and has given us some invaluable tips and training tools which have helped us so much. The sessions on Zoom are easy & fun, and we are so grateful that they have continued through lockdown! Would definitely recommend!! Thanks Hal!!

We came to Hal for some advice about our 6 month working cocker, Reggie, who was really pulling on the lead. After one zoom session and one week later, his loose lead walking is so much better! We also learnt some great training games to play with Reggie to keep his mind active and focused on us. We'll be able to apply these games and techniques to different situations (as Reggie can get over excited with strangers). We'll definitely be back for some more lessons, even if it's just to teach Reggie some more tricks!

We would 100% recommend. Hal's approach to training is so nice and made us feel completely at ease!

As first time puppy parents we knew we were going to need some help especially as our puppy, Bertie, was joining us during lockdown so attending puppy classes in real life wasn't an option. Hal came highly recommended and for very good reason.

She put together an online puppy course for us and Bertie's siblings and took us through everything we needed to start Bertie's life with us on the right paw! She included the children brilliantly, helping them bond with Bertie and gave us lots of fun ways to play and train.

Hal has since helped us with more specific issues where she has been incredibly supportive and thorough and went the extra mile to help us. Getting a puppy during lockdown could have been a very different experience if we hadn't have had the positive and clear online support from Hal

We had some issues with couple of things but Heulwen showed some tricks and games what we kept practising and now it’s a huge difference, like we have a new dog. We are really happy! She is the best! Thank you!

Our girl Chica is a settled, confident and happy 5 month old chihuahua pup and such a lot of this is down to the sessions we had with Hal when she first came to us at 9 weeks. Hal helped us immensely, teaching us how to understand Chica’s behaviour so we could help her calm and settle, she’s been a little live wire from the outset and I think without Hal’s help things might have turned out very differently. Hal was kind, clear and always had Chica’s interests at heart. I’m so touched that she’s kept her in mind since by recommending potential puppy play mates.

Heulwen is great trainer! Highly recommend zoom sessions, we weren't keen - but it worked great. Thanks

Thanks Hal for the 2 lessons so far. Luna and the girls are having so much fun training. and can see the results already. looking forward to the next sessionnin a few weeks. can not recomend highly enough.

Heulwen is amazing!!! Just with one session already I’ve seen such improvement with Roy I am so grateful! Excellent positive training that is so fun to do!

Hal's help and support has been invaluable with Leo. Hal is a fantastic dog trainer and has also helped us a lot with settling Leo into a new environment, understanding Leo's body language, enrichment ideas and even nutritional advice. Leo came to us having never experienced a home or humans so with Hal's guidance we worked on gradually building Leo's confidence. We'd highly recommend Hal to anyone.

Hal, you're a miracle worker!

We adopted a beautiful Romanian rescue dog in September. He was only 4 months old when we got him and gorgeous, but quite a handful. He’s also a large breed and so I knew that we needed some expert help with training him.

Luckily, I found Hal and she has helped to make all our lives so much easier! She’s an expert in dog behaviour and closely observes your dog and then explains what makes him tick. We have worked with Hal at home and out in the park and after every session, our dog gets easier to manage and even more loveable.

One of the things I most like about Hal is her calm reassurance and continuous praise for both you and your dog! We have learnt so much about Max in just a few months and we have made so much progress with his behaviour and most of this is down to Hal.

Our first Zoom session with Hal was fantastic! She is very professional, friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. She took the time to hear about our puppy and our home situation, and she tailored the training exactly to our needs.


She is a gifted teacher and was able to pass on lots of information, tips and strategies in an accessible, well-paced and memorable way.


There is clear logic to her system, which our children have understood, and our puppy has responded very fast to all that Hal recommended.

Another awesome session with Hal! She is quickly becoming a crutch of mine! I need her on speed dial. She is amazing! Any help I need she is there with practical, simple, easy to follow advice. Please check her out, she is worth every penny and more! This is not an ad just an honest review of an individual who knows and loves dogs and works really hard to give you the best possible outcome. She is all about positive reinforcement training which will help your pup to be happy! Because who wants to shout at a gorgeous doggie? No one!

We came to Hal with a problem, but keen to seek help within a class setting. She worked really hard to put a group together so that we could achieve the kind of training we were looking for. Hal's direction throughout was clear and consistent, I felt supported and encouraged and feel much more confident executing future training. We would definitely come back to Hal for any future help, she was brilliant. Thank you so much Hal.