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Training Methods


Reward based training

Here at All In, we use positive reinforcement methods to train both dogs and people. For every behaviour problem we like to focus on what we want your dog to do instead. Using Errorless Learning, our dogs can succeed from the first try, leaving everyone feeling good about training so that it no longer feels like a chore.


Why reward based methods?

Training is about learning to understand the animal in front of us and teaching them how to live harmoniously in our crazy human world.

Science has shown time and time again that punishment based methods increase frustration and anxiety in learning. Worse still, punishment has been shown to increase the likelihood of behaviour problems including owner-directed aggression.


We focus on effective and ethical training which is why when you come to our training sessions you don't need to worry about brining any tools other than your treats!

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Results and Wags!


We adopted a beautiful Romanian rescue dog in September. He was only 4 months old when we got him and gorgeous, but quite a handful. He’s also a large breed and so I knew that we needed some expert help with training him.

Luckily, I found Hal and she has helped to make all our lives so much easier! She’s an expert in dog behaviour and closely observes your dog and then explains what makes him tick. We have worked with Hal at home and out in the park and after every session, our dog gets easier to manage and even more loveable.


One of the things I most like about Hal is her calm reassurance and continuous praise for both you and your dog! We have learnt so much about Max in just a few months and we have made so much progress with his behaviour and most of this is down to Hal.

Vicky and Max