Working From Home

Building behaviour from the comfort of your home
(and dressing gown)

Over the course of multiple lockdowns, all training was forced to be moved to Zoom. But overtime many trainers started to realised that who benefited most from this was puppies! While training over Zoom you and your puppy get the best out of your education while all key problems are extinguished.

Key benefits

All sessions are recorded

When it comes to a new puppy, you're likely already facing sleepless nights or an awkward sleep shift system. Recording our sessions enables you to watch back the training that your sleep deprived brain probably hasn't completely digested. Get the most out of every last penny by not forgetting the finer details that often make or break training success.

A familiar environment
Good foundation training begins in the home where puppies are more able to focus in a familiar environment. I truly do understand that you want your dog to be able to be incredibly well behaved in public but please understand that when learning any new skill it needs to begin in the home. A big part of the good training is helping to set your dog up for success, this includes starting training where there are as few distractions as possible so that your pup can focus and succeed before. Pre-covid all puppy training was still conducted in people's homes before taking those skills out to the streets - the difference is simply that I'm sat at a computer screen, not on your sofa.

No wasted time
Forget the niceties of offering me a cup of tea, cut out me taking off my shoes and the five minutes of your pup going 'WOWEEE there's a new person here!' and you've just added 10 mins onto your training session!

Building your skills, not showing off mine!
People commonly think that a dog trainer's job is to come and train your dog for you however that's not actually true! 'Dog' training is really human training and I'm here to help you build your skills at communicating with your puppy. Nothing is more draining than watching a trainer take your dog, flaunt some perfect training and then hand you back your puppy who just bites your leg, and barks at your face leaving you feeling like you are the problem! That's why I have a hand's off approach in my sessions, helping you to remain the super duper focus of your pup's attention while I turn into background noise.

Greater flexibility
When it comes to puppies it can be really difficult to find times where they are in the 'zone' for training. That's why I have a fully flexible cancellation policy when it comes to snoozing puppers. If you show up to our online session and your pup is fast asleep and we've already chatted through our Q&A's and theoretical advice then it's no biggie, we'll reschedule for another time - no extra fees or faff. No travel also enables me to extend my work hours, helpful for puppy parents who are also juggling a job to get in that advice early in the morning or late in the evening. That's flexibility that just wouldn't be possible with traveling to and from a venue.

Reduced cost
Thanks to cutting out travel time and petrol fumes, this training is available to you at a reduced cost. Here, you get the knowledge and experience of a trainer and a behaviour consultant, backed with university education, for the price of any bog standard trainer. 

Training and Behaviour credentials

Using evidence-based, positive reinforcement methods to achieve training and behaviour modification goals.
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